Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day #3
This was one busy day with the weather, Left Cortez about 7:30 rode about 10m miles toward Durango and it started to rain, stopped put on rain gear and rode on. Rained all the way to Durango and on to Silverton. I was really taken with the scenery, at least what I could see through the rain clouds and fog. Temperature dropped to 52 degrees. The rain slowed a couple of times so I took what I could for pictures. I seen rain, sleet, hail and back to rain on this leg of the trip. After leaving Silverton the rain stopped and I had a nice ride to Ouray. As soon as I left Ouray it started to rain again. Rained all the way to Grand Junction, When I left there the sun came out and the temperature started to rise. Got up to 94 degrees before I arrived in Vernal, Utah. It was 92 when I checked in to the KOA  here. Not sure if I can get pictures to upload or not, so will try and see what happens.

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