Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time is moving so fast...

I can't believe that April is almost shot. It seems like just a few days ago that we left Washington and came here to southern Oregon. 20 weeks from now we will be on our way to Arizona. Weather here has been different, we have been into the 90's already,then back into the 50's.

Life at the RV park has been good so far. Work has been easy and I am enjoying not working full time. Ken (the owner) is still remodeling the men's bathroom. We tore out the last toilet and and ripped out the walls for the final phase today. Next is leveling the floor, then new tile, reinstall fixtures and have a grand opening.

Thinking about getting an Oregon fishing license, but wow is it expensive. Going to cost almost a $100.00 by the time I get the license and tags. Soooo I am still thinking about it. Might wait to see if anyone is doing any good before I decide. Salmon are just starting to run so we will see what happens.

Our plans for this winter are still up in the air, but hoping to go to Arizona for a month or so, then on to Texas for a couple of weeks, then on to Louisiana for most of the rest of the winter. From there we are not sure. Of course right now this all depends on how well Charlie is doing. He is doing really good right now and hopefully he will continue to do good.

Since not much else is happening right now this is it for an update. Mom & Dad are still talking about coming out next month. That would be a nice treat. Rick and Teri are talking about coming down for a few days, So maybe we will have some company coming. We want to get up to Crater Lake when the weather gets better. Also want to make a trip over to Klamath Falls for a day just to check out that area.

Till late take care and God Bless.

Monday, April 13, 2009

a day out

I went out just driving around today. Ended up on old hwy 99 north. Stopped at Savage Rapids Dam. Or I should say what is left of it. It is in the process of being removed. Project supposed to be completed this year. After Reading some of the history of the dam I also had to question why it was ever put in to start with. The answer to that is irrigation only. It produced no Electricity and provided no flood control. I should mention above picture is of the dam the way it used to be, most of the dam is down now and they are in the process of removing what is left.

I also drove through the Rogue River state Park. It is a very nice park, full hook up rv sites are $16.00 per night. a 14 day limit on staying there. Anyone needs a nice park for a few nights it would be a great place.

Later everyone, God Bless and take care.