Friday, March 11, 2011

Time to catch you all up to date, Vicki returned home from Sequim last night. Sure is good to have her home. Vicki and her sister drove Charlie's car here and Cheryl will drive it on to Arizona. Cheryl spent the night with us then departed for her home in Arizona this morning. They cleaned out Charlie's house and  it is now on the market. There is still a ton of paperwork to do. Who knows when the Estate will be settled.

As far as my remodeled snoz it is doing pretty good. I go back to the Dr. again next week and hopefully  get the splints out of my nose. I can tell it made a big difference, I can already breath easier. swelling is mostly gone. I will have a scar on my nose from the hospital stay, guess you just call that character. Work in the park has been slow which is alright with me because I have been slow lately with all the medical issues.

That is my short update for now,  thanks everyone for your prayers, they were greatly appreciated. You all have a good one till later and God Bless.