Sunday, November 24, 2013

OK someone is messing with the thermostat, NOT Funny. Whoever is responsible please turn it back up. This waking up to 22 degrees is getting old.
At least the sun came out today and it was a beautiful day. Of course it was, I had to work. Now I am off for the next 5 days, hopefully it will remain nice and warm up.
The King asking someone to turn up the heat.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Well, after a long issue with not being able to sign in to update this blog, I am here. Long time no post so here we go.
We had a great summer in Missoula, Montana and looking forward to returning next summer. I had a great time enjoying the scooter with several trips on it this last summer. If you have kept up with me on Facebook you are aware of these trips. The most memorable would be my trip to Glacier National Park. Took 3 days, One day to go up to the park, one day to go overt  the going to the sun hwy. and another day to return to Missoula. Weather was nice for the first two days, my return trip was a little wet. At least I didn't melt.
Summer went by way to fast, We left Missoula and made our way to Post Falls, Idaho, spent three days there visiting with friends Don & Caroline. It was great to visit and we enjoyed our stay. Left there with Mount Vernon, WA as our destination. Arrived at my cousins early evening and got the trailer set up. We spent a week visiting relatives and friends. Had a great time as we always do when we visit that area.
As I said in my last post, our plans was to spend the winter in Gold Hill, OR. once again. Arrived here on the 15th of Oct. I am working part time at the KOA here.
Oct 18th found me in the dentist chair to decide what to do with my rotten teeth. Decided to pull 3 more teeth, so that leaves a whole four teeth left in my mouth. Dentist had to surgically remove one tooth. My mouth is starting to heal up. He did modify my lower partial so I can wear it. No chewing teeth down there so  (but I am eating LOL).
Eight days to Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for. We are going to Grants Pass and spending Thanksgiving with Uncle Glen and Aunt Betty. Looking forward to a great meal and a great visit with them.
Once my gums get healed good I will have some new choppers manufactured for my mouth. It will be nice to be able to chew once again.
No promises on when I will update here, but will try and be more punctual than I have been. I know you have heard that before so like I said no promises.
You all take care and until next update God Bless.