Thursday, April 26, 2012

We are in Arizona City now. Have been here since Tuesday and leaving next Monday. We had a good trip from Willcox to here, hardly any traffic going through Tucson. Stopped at Picacho Peak for lunch then on to Arizona City. I have been doing honey do projects for Jean here. set up the misting system on the back porch. It sure does make a difference in the temperature. cleaned up her computer for her, deleted a ton of files and junk she had downloaded but never needed or used., replaced an electric receptacle on the front porch and worked some on her old computer today, not sure what is on the list for tomorrow but I am sure something.

Guess that should catch you all up on our exciting life for the last several days. Take care and God Bless.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have been cleaning out the outside storage area, where does one accumulate all this stuff. I see no need to pack a bunch of this with us so am filling the storage shed here at sis in laws place..
Weather has turned warm here, supposed to hit 96 today so I will need to get out soon and finish my cleaning out the storage area and repacking it. We will leave here Tuesday and travel to Arizona City, will leave there May 1st and go to Surprise, AZ to visit with John and Linda, friends from back home who have retired and moved to Surprise. Then on to Las Vegas for a visit with family and friends for an evening. From there it is on to Montana for the summer. I am ready to see some green grass and trees again.

If I get a chance I will post from the road, if not I will catch you all up when we arrive in Montana. till then God Bless and thanks for keeping up with us on the blog.

Montana here we come!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Nice warn weather this last week. We have been enjoying the nice warm spring weather here, highs have been around 80 and slowly getting warmer. Time to think about heading north soon, Plans right now are leaving here towards the end of the month. This is the latest we have stayed in Willcox for the winter.
I built in some shelves in Cheryl's utility room, nice to get stuff up off the floor and able to get to the washer/dryer easily. They came out looking pretty good for just using cheap materials and then painting them white.
I did work last Saturday at the gas station, Tom wasn't feeling well so he stayed home and hopefully is better.
We are looking forward to spending the summer in Montana. After leaving Montana our plans are to go to Washington for a week or so then back to Medford Oregon for our annual physicals. From there we will head back to Arizona again for the winter. That is our long range plans and always subject to changes.

I will leave you with a picture from June 2003.