Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for a quick update, We left Manchester Dec 29th, for Gold Hill, OR. Pulled out about 10:30 with sunshine and clear skies. Forecast for southern OR was for snow and freezing, Good roads and weather to Junction City, there snow hit with a vengeance. Roads to to ICE for 25 miles and Vicki slept through it, “I was smart enough not to wake her” From there roads cleared up until we started hitting all those low passes, we had snow on all of them but they were out in full force with deicer and sand. Stopped at Merlin and fueled up, 18 miles to go and one short hill over grants Pass. Arrived in Gold Hill with a light rain just a little after 6:00. Not a bad travel day of 450 miles in less than 8 hours with 25 miles of travel about 25 mph. Fuel averaged 10.5 mpg.

Went to work in the park the next day. Cleaning restrooms 2 days a week and working in the office 2 days and 1 wild card day to help Ken with projects. Weather was cool with a few freezing nights the 1st couple of weeks, then slowly warming up.

Now for the bad news. Friday the 14th I had sore in my nose and it became infected, Saturday afternoon I asked Vicki to take me to the ER. The right side of my face was swollen bad my right eye was completely swollen shut, So off we went to the ER, they took one look at my face and got me into the ER room right now., that was about 4:00 PM. I was admitted to the hospital and in my room about 11:00 PM, Yesterday I was able to partly open my right eye some. I have been on MEGA doses of Antibiotics since I came in. This infection is so bad I am in Isolation and they suit up with all there gear and gloves to come into my room. What is this horrible Staff infection that can kill you quick if not attended to immediately ? And Oh yes they said if I would have waited another day it would have been touch and go on saving me. So here is the name of the Nasty.


I would encourage all of you to do a little research on this as it is very prevalent. Side effects, out of control diabetes, and a heart condition called Atrial Fibrilation. Not to mention the just feeling bad bad bad.

OK today is Jan 20th so I have been in here 5 days and sounds like maybe Saturdays I can go homem but the battle is not over I will be on Antibiotics for a couple more weeks, home hospice will come out and admister them. They put in what they call a pipe, It is long term IV basically. So enough of what I am doing right now, this is why a lot of you have not seen me on the Internet the last few days. So for now take care, fod Bless, and later.