Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I put a picture of us back on here just for you, cause you are special. Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OK I know I have been real bad in not doing any updates lately. Last week some old workamper friends showed up and visited for a couple of days. Friday I took Ray and Janice, our visitors into Monroe. We spent a couple of hours going through the Aviation Military Museum. They have lots of things to look at and a ton of reading. It is a very nice museum that is full of good information. From there we went to the Coca Cola bottling museum, it was very interesting learning the history of bottling Coca Cola. They had a tour of the house and gardens. Very nice place to visit.

Ray and Janice left Sunday with Memphis as there next stop. There summer destination is Montana. Hope you have a safe trip out west.

Yesterday I went to Ruston and visited the Northern Louisiana Military Museum. This privately owned museum has so much to see it can take a while to check it all out. If ever in Ruston, LA check it out.

Today was a trip to Monroe to Vicki’s foot Dr. He operated on her toe nails last week and this was just a check up. Dr said they were doing good.

OK this is the news to date. We are starting to get a case of hitch itch. Plan on leaving here in about 2 to 3 weeks. Not sure wich route we will take yetm but we do know since buying the new truck our travel funds are not up to an extensive trip back west. We will probably take a fairly direct route, still plan on visiting family in North Dakota and Montana, then on to Washington.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

To all my followers
I have been getting spam in my comments on the blog, I do appreciate all legitimate comments.  Comment moderation has been selected and you will have to type in the codes you see to post a comment. I am sorry I have had to enable these obstacles to post a comment, and I know you all will understand why I had to do this. Thanks for everyones support and have a great day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday morning we hit the road with our destination being Marksville, LA, specifically Paragon Casino. We had made arrangements to meet Bruce and Cindy there. They are friends that we met in Montana several years back. We pulled into the Casino and as I pulled up to the front door to drop Vicki off they were walking up the sidewalk. I parked the truck and joined them for our hugs and howdies. As we all were hungry we went straight to the buffet. What a spread, If anyone gets to Marksville this buffet was really really good. We sat down at our table at 2:00 PM and ate and visited until after 7:00 PM. I am not sure where the afternoon went but it sure did fly by. We had a great visit and caught up on what all we had been doing and where we all had been in the last couple of years. We said our See you down the road, then headed for the trailer. We had a good trip home, lots of Deer out so had to be alert for them. Seen one group of Deer that must have numbered in the fifties. Looked like a herd grazing along the road. Arrived home about 10:45 at hit the bed, it had been along day. We hope to see them when they leave New Orleans for the trek to Maine where they plan to summer. Then hopefully they will come to Washington on the way to California for next winter. But that is down the road and another blog entry much later.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Well here it is March 1st already. Not sure where the time goes but is sure fly's by. I have the truck just about ready to travel. If it wsn't raining out right now I would go take a couple of pictures, I will get some pics when the weather is better. The tool boxes that Owen made for me are mounted on the truck and look really good. I painted them black to match the bed.
Tomorrow we are going to Marksville, LA to meet Bruce and Cindy. They are friends that we met in Montana several years ago. It will be fun to catch up on what they have been doing. I will do another update in a couple of days to let you knnow how our trip went. Until then take care and god Bless.