Friday, September 2, 2016

 The scooter ride is over but life goes on and I have been busy. Vicki bought a new king bed for the spare bedroom at Cheryl's, I agreed to build a bed frame with storage. It has turned out to be a challenge trying to build it outside. Weather has not been very cooperative. I do have close to one half done minus the drawers. Drawers will be the last thing I build.
 Also had a Drs. appointment yesterday. He said I had Bursitis in the hip. may be more than that but it is a starting point to getting it fixed. Gave me a shot in the hip so now wait and see if it helps.
 Other chores just keep on backing up, I need to clone myself. Well guess I need to go do something. Will write more later when I can tell if the shot is helping my hip or not.