Thursday, October 4, 2012

Once again it is past time. This post is more about what is going on personally than what we have been doing.
I am going in for surgery on the 11th of this month. They did an MRI to see what was causing the pain in my hip and they found way more than they were looking for. I have an Aortic Aneurysm in my stomach area. It is way larger than they are when they usually do surgery. The Dr. is still trying to determine the best way to tackle it. As I know more I will post here. I have also posted on facebook so most of you already know this news.
I am through working in the park for the winter, and we had planned on leaving here several days ago. But with the medical developments we will be hanging out in Missoula for a while yet. Not sure of our plans when we leave here now. Will depend on the weather and time of year as to the direction we go..
As a side note, the squirrels are everywhere in the park, getting nice and fat for the winter. I am sitting at the kitchen table writing this and watching them romp around outside. They are very entertaining to watch