Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Dinner

DooDad up to no good

Merry Christmas to everyone, We hope you all had a very good Holiday Season.
We decided to do something different for Christmas Dinner SOOOOO
We had Lobster, Yum was it good. Might have started a new tradition !!!!
To let everyone know what is going on with Vicki, the doctor put her on a new medication and wants to try it for about 3 months to see what it will do. so for now it is just wait and see what the new medication will do.
I am working at the Chevron Station again after a couple other jobs that did not work out to good. I am also putting in a concrete paver patio in the back yard for Cheryl. So I am keeping plenty busy.
Well almost another year, hope you all have a happy new year.