Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nolte State Park on a busy day, I have never seen or picked up as much litter and garbage as I have at this park. I have decided that the people that use this park are a bunch of slobs. I spend 3 to 4 hours a day just picking up trash. And these same slobs wonder why parks are being closed.
Needless to say we will not return here, there is no park ranger on site to enforce rules and these people know that and take advantage of it. There are 2 park aides and one volunteer couple here to keep park open 12 to 13 hours every day. The ranger in charge of this park works at another park and is 30 minutes away from here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just so you all don't think that I have completely forgotten about this blog here  is a short update. as you know we spent 6 weeks at Dosewallips State Park, we thoroughly  enjoyed our stay there, the rangers and park aides were great to work with. We liked it so well we are returning there for the month of October. August finds us at Nolte State Park it is a day use park and not a campground. It is a real nice day use park with a setting on Deep Lake. We like it here but we do miss the interaction with the campers.

Before we came here we made a day trip to Port Orchard and Manchester State Park. outside of the park Vicki yelled out "there is a CAMEL" so after checking out the park I went back to see the Camel, sure enough it was a real Camel.

Now that I have seen a camel I will get out of here for now. Next month we will be at Fort Flagler State Park.