Thursday, February 24, 2011

I know you all wanted see my mugshot so here it is.

OK below is a little better picture

I am sure it will look better next week !!!!!
Long due update, where to start?  OK my MRSA, I spent a total of 10 days in the hospital, lost 40 pounds in that short time, I know I needed to lose some weight but that is not a reccomended way. I am doing real good now, it was a couple weeks before I really felt back to normal ( whatever that is).

Next setback, all the swelling in my sinus's along with a busted nose when I  was a kid, Jeez that was a couple days ago. Anyway I needed a nose job, I asked if they could make me look like Tom Sellick when he was young, yep that got a laugh. So I was scheduled for surgery again, Now with all this going on Vicki's stepdad passed away. So I put her on a plane to Seattle, she met her sister from Arizona at the airport and they drove over to Sequim. This was last tuesday. Wednesday I went in and had my surgery so here I sit with a remodeled nose full of packing (reads can't breath through my nose). I go in tomorrow to get the packing out and hopefully I can breath like a person is supposed to and my nose will drain like it should.

Weather, oh that is a topic. It has been colder than normal here since we arrived here in southern Oregon. As I am typing this it is snowing out, and supposed to continue all day. I know soon I will be saying turn on the air conditioning, so guess I am hard to please with the weather.

Not sure how long Vicki is going to be in Washington. I am sure she will be there a while taking care of his estate. And to make matters worse one of his sisters  is already whining and causing problems.

That is enough for now, you all take care and God bless.