Monday, March 9, 2015

 I have been having fun riding. Seems like I just got the scooter a few days ago and already pushing a thousand miles on it. Went to Vail last Saturday and joined up with the Sky Island Riders (SIRS) from Tucson, rode a short distance with them, stopped for lunch and visited. It was fun and I met a few more riders from Tucson.

After lunch I started working my way home via the back roads, Scenic hwy. 83 to Sonoita, then hwy. 82 to Tombstone ( the town that is to tough to die). Made a quick stop for gas (61 MPG). Then took Gleeson Road, a nice curvy and hilly road to hwy. 191. North to Kansas Settlement road, Hold your nose as you pass by the big Dairy Farm. On to hwy. 186 and North into Willcox and home. 280 miles of fun.