Sunday, September 19, 2010

I know I said a few days, well as usual it is a few more than a few. we are still at
Fort Flagler State Park, it is a very nice park with lots of history. The deer roam the park from dawn till dawn, Ha! you thought I was going to say dusk didn't you. they are very entertaining to watch and we enjoy them a lot. We are not in the campground here and we are still missing the campers. There are lots of volunteers here in the park, There are 3 campground hosts plus 6 or 7 other volunteer couples here. There is also a local group called friends of Fort Flagler that are very involved in the preservation of the Park.
we do like it here but Vicki is working in the museum and has to do several stairs and it is really bothering her legs and knees, so doubt if we will return here unless we are in the campground.
Rick came over one day and visited, we had a great time and enjoyed catching up on whats been going on in our lives. Then a week later Gene and Cindy came up and spent the day with us, again we really enjoyed the visit. We also made plans to have thanksgiving together. so we are looking forward to that event even though it is still a ways off.
We are returning to Dosewallips State park next month and we are looking forward to returning there.
I will leave you with a couple more pics from the park here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

we left Nolte State Park around 11:30 this morning, arrived at Fort Flagler about 2:00. Have the trailer set up and we are enjoying the view. Had some deer in the field next to trailer. I will do another update in a few days to let you all know what we think of this park. It is a huge park, with 2 campgrounds a  museum and many of the old buildings from the Fort Era.