Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post of 2011,

Happy New Year  Everyone

Monday, December 26, 2011

364 days to Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2011

DooDad in all her glory. There are feral cats here in Willcox, Had a bunch in the back yard the other day. DooDad decided she didn't care for them encroaching on her turf, when I opened the door to go out she went flying by me and chased all the cats out of the yard,  Yep she was mighty proud of herself.

Monday, November 28, 2011

November is almost over, time to think of the birth of Jesus, and Yes I still say Christmas.
I am working part time at the Chevron Station again. It has been nice getting out and doing something. the last few days have been testing, broke a tooth, propane regulator died, Had a water line break in the trailer and awoke to a lake outside. Water line fixed, regulator replaced, tooth, now that is another story, will see what we can do with that.
Weather has been fairly nice, some rain off and on for last couple of weeks, several nights of freezing, but nice during the day.
We had a real nice Thanksgiving, Ham and all the goodies to go with it. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Untill later God Bless and take care.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We have been in Willcox now for almost 2 weeks, not sure where the time is going. I still have that sore throat that I left Oregon with so went to the Dr today. Got a shot in the but and 10 days of antibiotics. Hopefully this will cure the whatever it is that I have.
I am not working yet, not sure that I will. If something good comes along I will take it. Otherwise I will act like I am retired or something.
Since we have been here it has rained twice, The back yard needed mowing when we got here, have most of it mowed, If the wind ever dies down for awhile and it warms up some I will finish that task.
Other than this there is not much going on here right now. I will update later just to let you all know I am still kicking.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We arrived at Arizona City last night about 7:00 PM. Of course I had to hit Phoenix at rush hour traffic ( why do they call it rush hour when all you do is stop & go and just barely move ?) after a couple of hours to get through the concrete jungle we finally arrived at Arizona City. we will be here about a week then off to Willcox, AZ. we will be there for the winter.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the road again !!! We left Gold Hill, OR this morning and drove to Standish, Ca. 318 miles. not bad considering we didn't get out of Gold Hill until almost 11:00 AM. Standish is just outside of Susanville and 80 miles north of Reno.
Not sure where we will make it to tomorrow, but hopefully we will be leaving a little earlier than 11:00.2 more nights on the road and we should be in Arizona City. Will update later, ttfn.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Time for a quick update, It is time for us to head down the road again, We are pulling out on the 18th headed to Arizona. Not going to be in a big hurry to get there. We will stop in Arizona City for about a week to visit our friend Jean. from there we will go to Willcox for the winter. We will be at Vicki's sisters place there. I put in all the hook ups for the RV there several winters back so will have all the conveniences.
We had a nice rainbow the other day so will leave this with a picture of it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Went on a day trip today with a couple of the guys in the park. Had a really good breakfast at Heaven on Earth Restaurant. Then some sight seeing.
Below is what is left of an old mining town established in the late 1800's. for more info google Golden, Oregon.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Someone should flog me!!!! I am ashamed to say it has been almost 3 months that I have ignored my blog.
I did make a trip to Alaska, Mom was in the hospital and not well. I am glad she is home now even though I worry about her every day.
Work here in the park has been busy this last month. We have been almost full nightly with a few nights completely full. Weather has been hot, in the upper 80's to low 90's, and these are lower then the normal highs for this time of year.
Vicki got a new set of choppers, they fit real good and look good. She won't let me take a picture so just use your imagination for now, I will try and sneak a pic when I get a chance.
Speaking of pictures, I have been really lax with the use of my camera, so no pics on this post.
We went to the family fun center and played a round of mini gold with Bill and Shirley, I think I got whupped real bad, So will have to try it again and hopefully redeam myself some.
The road around Crater Lake is now open, finally opened late July. This is the latest it has ever opened. There is still a lot of snow up there. We may make a trip up next week and enjoy the scenery again.
It is amazing 3 months and this is all I have for now.
Later you all.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Not sure where the last month went, but it definately went. good friends from Alaska stopped and visited for a few minutes last Wed, They are on there way to Phoenix area to enjoy there retirement and new home. It was sure good to see you John and Linda, and nice to meet Rodney,

I have been doing real good, my nose is mostly healed and I can breath again. Nice thing to be able to do. Vicki is fixing to get new choppers installed, Her old set of choppers has been bothering her and are wearing out.

We are going to Portland the 14th, will meet Don and caroline there and visit  for a while then return back to gold Hill on the 15th. It will be fun visiting and catching up with them.

Here are some pics of where we are and the kids.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April is here and winter just keeps hanging on, We have a freeze warning for tonight !! Whats up with that. Looks like another week of wet and cool weather. I am sure that soon we will be griping about the heat, as humans we are never happy, always want that greener pasture just over the hill.
My nose is doing good, i still have the splints in them. they are coming out on the 12th, and I am looking forward to getting them out.
I know this is a short update, but when we are stagnant and not doing anything this is what you get. Till next time God Bless and take care.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Time to catch you all up to date, Vicki returned home from Sequim last night. Sure is good to have her home. Vicki and her sister drove Charlie's car here and Cheryl will drive it on to Arizona. Cheryl spent the night with us then departed for her home in Arizona this morning. They cleaned out Charlie's house and  it is now on the market. There is still a ton of paperwork to do. Who knows when the Estate will be settled.

As far as my remodeled snoz it is doing pretty good. I go back to the Dr. again next week and hopefully  get the splints out of my nose. I can tell it made a big difference, I can already breath easier. swelling is mostly gone. I will have a scar on my nose from the hospital stay, guess you just call that character. Work in the park has been slow which is alright with me because I have been slow lately with all the medical issues.

That is my short update for now,  thanks everyone for your prayers, they were greatly appreciated. You all have a good one till later and God Bless.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I know you all wanted see my mugshot so here it is.

OK below is a little better picture

I am sure it will look better next week !!!!!
Long due update, where to start?  OK my MRSA, I spent a total of 10 days in the hospital, lost 40 pounds in that short time, I know I needed to lose some weight but that is not a reccomended way. I am doing real good now, it was a couple weeks before I really felt back to normal ( whatever that is).

Next setback, all the swelling in my sinus's along with a busted nose when I  was a kid, Jeez that was a couple days ago. Anyway I needed a nose job, I asked if they could make me look like Tom Sellick when he was young, yep that got a laugh. So I was scheduled for surgery again, Now with all this going on Vicki's stepdad passed away. So I put her on a plane to Seattle, she met her sister from Arizona at the airport and they drove over to Sequim. This was last tuesday. Wednesday I went in and had my surgery so here I sit with a remodeled nose full of packing (reads can't breath through my nose). I go in tomorrow to get the packing out and hopefully I can breath like a person is supposed to and my nose will drain like it should.

Weather, oh that is a topic. It has been colder than normal here since we arrived here in southern Oregon. As I am typing this it is snowing out, and supposed to continue all day. I know soon I will be saying turn on the air conditioning, so guess I am hard to please with the weather.

Not sure how long Vicki is going to be in Washington. I am sure she will be there a while taking care of his estate. And to make matters worse one of his sisters  is already whining and causing problems.

That is enough for now, you all take care and God bless.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for a quick update, We left Manchester Dec 29th, for Gold Hill, OR. Pulled out about 10:30 with sunshine and clear skies. Forecast for southern OR was for snow and freezing, Good roads and weather to Junction City, there snow hit with a vengeance. Roads to to ICE for 25 miles and Vicki slept through it, “I was smart enough not to wake her” From there roads cleared up until we started hitting all those low passes, we had snow on all of them but they were out in full force with deicer and sand. Stopped at Merlin and fueled up, 18 miles to go and one short hill over grants Pass. Arrived in Gold Hill with a light rain just a little after 6:00. Not a bad travel day of 450 miles in less than 8 hours with 25 miles of travel about 25 mph. Fuel averaged 10.5 mpg.

Went to work in the park the next day. Cleaning restrooms 2 days a week and working in the office 2 days and 1 wild card day to help Ken with projects. Weather was cool with a few freezing nights the 1st couple of weeks, then slowly warming up.

Now for the bad news. Friday the 14th I had sore in my nose and it became infected, Saturday afternoon I asked Vicki to take me to the ER. The right side of my face was swollen bad my right eye was completely swollen shut, So off we went to the ER, they took one look at my face and got me into the ER room right now., that was about 4:00 PM. I was admitted to the hospital and in my room about 11:00 PM, Yesterday I was able to partly open my right eye some. I have been on MEGA doses of Antibiotics since I came in. This infection is so bad I am in Isolation and they suit up with all there gear and gloves to come into my room. What is this horrible Staff infection that can kill you quick if not attended to immediately ? And Oh yes they said if I would have waited another day it would have been touch and go on saving me. So here is the name of the Nasty.


I would encourage all of you to do a little research on this as it is very prevalent. Side effects, out of control diabetes, and a heart condition called Atrial Fibrilation. Not to mention the just feeling bad bad bad.

OK today is Jan 20th so I have been in here 5 days and sounds like maybe Saturdays I can go homem but the battle is not over I will be on Antibiotics for a couple more weeks, home hospice will come out and admister them. They put in what they call a pipe, It is long term IV basically. So enough of what I am doing right now, this is why a lot of you have not seen me on the Internet the last few days. So for now take care, fod Bless, and later.