Friday, June 25, 2010

Its only been a month since I have been on here so don't be to hard on me. A lot has happened in the last month. We flew to Alaska for 2 weeks. visited family and friends and had a great time there. Momsy had a heart procedure done while we were there, she is doing good.

We returned to Washington on a Sunday and packed up the trailer and moved to Dosewallips State Park. It is in Hwy 101 just south of the community of Brinnon. It is a very nice park and all the Rangers and staff here are just super people. Our site is super nice with acres of lawn.

We went to Sequim last wednesday and visited with Charlie. He is doing good, has a new puppy named Cassy. We will be here through July and then move to another state park.

Until later god bless you all and take care.

Campsite at Dosewallips State Park

Hood Canal from Park

Heated Platform Tent in Park for rent